Brian Tarr







Brian Tarr

Brian Tarr

Southport, Merseyside


I guess I'm really a frustrated artist. I used to paint in pastels mainly, my favourite subjects being wildlife, portraits and realism and I have always been interested in photography. Then shortly after I retired I discovered Photoshop and found that I could paint the pictures I saw in my mind digitally and I have been following the "Photo Art" direction ever since.
I joined my local Photographic society and have benefited greatly from that and because I enter their competitions almost every image I produce is from my own photography, including my own textures. We are not allowed to use Stock images, which means we get to travel to build our own image archives.
I like all forms of photography, Documentary, Mono, Portrait, Landscape etc but my main interest is in Wildlife.
Outside of my family and photography, my other interests are music and Liverpool FC.

"The photograph itself doesn't interest me, I want only to capture a minute part of reality"-Henri Cartier-Bresson


Gulf Sunset by Brian Tarr


In The Shadows by Brian Tarr


Seahouses harbour in mist by Brian Tarr


Bald Eagle in mist by Brian Tarr


Safe Passage by Brian Tarr


Save The Elephants by Brian Tarr


Sunset Pelican by Brian Tarr


Lone Wolf by Brian Tarr


Restless Moon by Brian Tarr


Murphy's Pub by Brian Tarr


Misty Moon Shadows by Brian Tarr


Coming Home by Brian Tarr


Forty Shades of Green by Brian Tarr


Boats For Sale by Brian Tarr


Flamingo Lagoon by Brian Tarr


Egret's Moon by Brian Tarr


Serengeti Sunset by Brian Tarr


Amazon Beauty by Brian Tarr


Ainsdale Dunes in winter by Brian Tarr


Griffon Vulture by Brian Tarr


Winter Breeze by Brian Tarr